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See what you missed @ CIONET Belgium’s event: Innovation Game in Liège

Published by Jan Goris
June 19, 2019 @ 3:06 PM

On June 13th we brought together 10 CIOs from the region of Liège to play the Innovation Game at the HEC  Management School of Liège.

We want to thank Maud Bay and Philippe Niesten for hosting this event at HEC.


After a short presentation on HEC-Liège and CIONET, the participants were introduced into the world of the Innovation Code. Artists, Engineers, Athletes and Sages: the four key archetypes and how pushing and pulling between these types can be encouraged, was explained.


The Innovation Code comes with a card game that can be used for a teambuilding exercise. Our 10 CIOs were immediately trading cards and discussing their personalities. Thanks to the card game, everyone ended up in one of the four archetype categories.


In our Innovation Project on how Technology can revolutionize the democratic process, we formed two groups with a healthy mix of our four personality types. This resulted in some intriguing insights on our voting process and even some radical changes of how politics should work.


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