Are you convinced that the likelihood of a cyber-attack is no longer even in question? And that these attacks' sophistication and "professional" efficiency are still steeply rising?

As a CIO or CISO, you must constantly look at increasing your organisation's cyber resilience. You aspire to build an end-to-end cyber resilience strategy? Including a scenario when all the rest has failed? You want to make sure you can reliably recover all business-critical data in such an event. And to be confident that a restore does not restore the infection!! Should you, therefor consider an (Air Gap) Cyber Vault? Is this the last resort, the final 'insurance' that will help the company survive by enabling a fresh 'restart' if and when it arises?

Recovery vaults constantly keep a clean (immutable) copy of your core data in a totally (physically and logically) isolated environment to be ready to use when needed. What does this take? How to prepare and implement it? Companies must make this type of decision, considering risks versus costs; the need to safeguard the company's crown jewels versus the costs of an absolute worst-case scenario.


Round Table Program

Learn from your peers on how to build a rock solid defence, use the vaults and how to react when you get hit.

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