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In a world that is in constant and rapid change, being responsive, able to cope with those changes swiftly is a crucial quality an enterprise needs to remain in the race and survive in the long term. Large enterprises often realise they are hindered by their size and structure and go for collaboration or co-creation either with customers or with start-ups, smaller companies or other external niche suppliers to bring in the agility, speed, competencies and market insights they are looking for. Mixed teams are set up. Groups of companies, customers, suppliers and partners jointly work within diverse ecosystems on programs that have a common interest to all of them. They often do this in an agile way and within structures that are temporarily set up and can quickly change and adapt to the evolving needs. This modus operandus makes the boundaries of each organisation fuzzy. It requires a different governance and management style but seems to become a common practice of market-leading companies.

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"The fuzzy organisation, building the responsive enterprise".

Join us to see to what extent organisations have already implemented or are seeking to implement agile principles in their organisation, in the way they work, in and beyond the operation of IT.

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Gateway embodies a full redevelopment of the old Brussels airport terminal. Owing to its unique and strategic location in the heart of the airport and its accessibility, notably thanks to the railway station under the building offering easy connections to major Belgian and European cities, it enjoys the characteristics of a city-centre building. 

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