Traditional security models where users and endpoints within the organisation's perimeter were automatically trusted are outdated. Cloud applications, home working and mobile workers have not only vastly expanded the security perimeter but have made it dynamic.

Every device and person, both inside and outside an organisation's network, must be monitored, checked and verified before accessing systems, applications or data. Some call this the Zero Trust security model and this ideology has become an increasingly popular form of cyber security by way of necessity.

80% of modern cyber-attacks are based on credential/identity theft. Hence, identity is not only the most crucial element in a modern organisation’s security but identity is arguably the new perimeter. However, unfortunately it is still often the weakest link in the cyber defence of many organisations.

Today the adversary no longer needs to steal an organisation’s keys or credentials, they just buy them from the dark web. This creates a game changer as it enables them to simply login for access without having to break-in. They can then exercise lateral movement to get their desired impact - ransomware, ransomware data extortion, cyber sabotage and cyber spying. Add this to the fact that access broker credential sales have increased by more than 250% since February 2022, identity protection is certainly a burning issue.

But how do you set up such an identity security model? What are the challenges that come with it? Is a step-by-step approach possible or should you make tabula rasa of your legacy security systems?  These and other questions will be discussed with seasoned CISOs and other security experts.  

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During this CIONET round table, we discuss how do we set up an identity model? and what are the challenges that comes with it? These and other questions will be tackled with seasoned CISOs and other security experts.   

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