Cyber War & Business Risks

CIONET gathers key protagonists of cyberwarfare to face the real threat and to reflect on a vade-mecum... in case of.

We are at war. All of us! Current events are the best proof. War is no longer only taking place on the physical battlefield but also in cyberspace. Highly trained cyber warriors can paralyse a target with a single keystroke. Their targets vary from military installations to financial institutions, research facilities, and infrastructural systems such as telecom, energy, water and transport. These are often operations prepared in silence, sometimes remaining under the radar for years until the action is taken.

With Stuxnet, the programme that sabotaged Iran's nuclear programme in 2010, it became clear that a new cyber arms race had begun. It prompted many nations to create and use advanced cyber weapons and teams for their own (clandestine) operations.

At the same time, criminal organisations set up new business models to make their "big game hunting" even more potent with further blackmail and extortion techniques. Cybercrime and state-sponsored organisations have been stepping up their development efforts and showing an ever-increasing variety of inventive methods to circumvent detection and deceive defenders.

Still, cyber weapons and expertise can also be used 'for good' by state actors like the cyber specialists in defence or by non-state actors like the communities of white hat hackers active in the war for Ukraine today.

Cyber defence is not just the business of government or the military. The risk of a cyber war bringing business to a complete halt is not just a dystopian scenario from some disaster movie. Every company, every organisation would be affected. The fight against the cyber threat is a common challenge of the government, defence, and the corporate world. Of all of us, in fact.

On October 6, CIONET brings together the key players in this burning issue. Top speakers from the government, the military and even a prominent leader of the white-hat hacker community will first give their vision on the cyber threat. Together with them and industry experts, we also want to look at scenarios 'what to do if...'.


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