The war for digital talent has never been that fierce. Let’s be creative!

Globalisation and the pandemic have drastically impacted the way we live and work. Technology is rapidly and fundamentally changing the nature of work. Youngsters have different expectations about their work-life balance and the meaning of work. The demand for digital skills is greater than ever.

 This pushes organisations to be creative, innovative, and even disruptive in their tactics to attract, retain, or re-train digital talents? At the same time, new phenomena are rising, such as communities of freelancers, digital nomads, and open marketplaces for on-demand gig economy talents. 

Do you have a clear strategy to enter the battle, to attract, or to up-skill and re-skill your existing workforce? What about flexible employment and borderless global talent sourcing. And how do you create a solid culture to cultivate a sense of purpose and engagement to retain your best virtual teams?

Elke L
Elke Laeremans
Wim Nagels
Liesbeth Van Malderghem
Partner - HR Transformation & Analytics leader
Peter De Buck
Peter De Buck
HR Tech Entrepreneur
Connecting-Expertise N.V.
Cathy Geerts
Chief Human Resources Officer
SD Worx
Jan Dobbenie
Jan Dobbenie
Ariane Berckmoes
CTO & Member of Executive Committee
FEDERALE Assurance-Verzekering
BE20220614 _ Panel & Candidates
Michal Paprocki
Rémy-Baptiste Delhez
The reconverted auditor
Rémy-Baptiste Delhez
Hala Mostafa
The Newbie
Hala Mostafa
Jenny B-1
The digital nomad
Jenny Björklöf
The eclectic Freelancer
Gitte Vande Graveele
The integrated youngster
Corentin Chanet
Arthur final
The Digital Talent of the Future
Maureen Hellemans
The ambitious student
Maureen Hellemans
Hélène T
The Ambitious STUDENT
Hélène Truyers


During this event, these themes will be brought live on scene through an original format:

  • On the one hand, youngsters, digital nomads, newly converted IT professionals, or eclectic freelancers will witness their experiences and expectations

  • Whereas a panel of IT-, talent management and HR executives will comment, contextualise, and advise on these illustrations of the fast-evolving digital job market

Bd Lambermont 1, 1030 Schaerbeek



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